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Sketch development of the interface for cognition games and videos. V-Ray render of one of the final designs of the interface.

Full size CAD render of the interface and a 50th percentile 12 year old. (The measure of Man and

Woman, Henry Dreyfuss Associates)

CNC aluminium double cam to actuate the switches in the working rig.

Individual Project


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Style Third angle projection, sectional view of a bracket for the iRide system, solid modelled in SolidEdge. 

First sketches of the bracket and double cam for the iRide working prototype.

Technical Drawing


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Citrus Juicer designed with the aesthetic of Braun and the Bauhaus era.

It is designed to be used by the elderly so has a large mechanical advantage.


Parts were individually modelled in SolidEdge and tested using Visual Nastran 4D.

Citrus Juicer modelled in SolidEdge, tested for mechanics and stress analysis in Visual Nastran 4D.



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Flyer, designed using Rhinoceros, V-ray and Illustrator. A3 black and white poster commissioned by ‘Blunted’ 2008.

Map: Bristol in the UK, produced as part of the fundraising programme for the Expression Product

Design Degree Show 2008 at the University of the West of England. 

CD cover comissioned by a local Bristol band for their first single – SAME OLD SAME OLD.



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Flamingo render of a Nokia 7360 modelled in Rhinoceros. Details were added using Photoshop.

Can crusher for use in a science museum. Designed to teach about recycling for children and parents.

Surface modelling


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Light gathering acrylic rods, lit using Ultra Violet LEDs. Experiment for an idea during the final project at university. Self-illuminating fluorescent safety jackets. 

Mt Hutt, New Zealand 2005. 

Semantic forms model making project.



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Tesselating packaging aims to reduce the wasted space within the packaging of Ariel Liquitabs. Packaging uses over 40% more space than current packaging. By reducing wasted space it also reduces the number of deliveries required so creating a smaller carbon footprint and reducing

global warming. Explanation of the decreased environmental impact of tesselating packaging.

Experiments with the pyramid shape liquitab and ‘notch brittle’ removable pegs from the packaging.

RSA – Sustainable Packaging


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Photographs of the natural resonations of water, without a camera. – Photo paper placed in a tray of water, on a speaker in a dark room. A sound generator was then used to vibrate the water, and a flash gun to expose the paper. Photoshop was then used to colourise.

A coffee table that is full of water. The lights underneath can be used to create a desired mood.

Entry into the GrafIKEA competition, Bristol Design Festival 2008. Bristol a world city for art & design.

Extra curricular


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Style guide for the iRide interface system.

Style guides for Maclaren Kids Toys project.

Style Guides


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ParkPod is an introspective space for solitary salvation or a shelter from the elements for familes.

Remember the last time you were sat in the park on a beautiful sunny day, when suddenly some freak weather came in and you got soaked, or you just

spent too long lying on the beach, and fried?

The ParkPod is a domed shelter, not only for protection from the elements, but also for amusement.

Park Pod


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